Documentary film is a cinematographic genre paradoxical in nature. On one hand, it is the most creative form of filmmaking but on the other hand, it is economically the poorest. Economically, documentaries are chronically under-funded and artistically, THEY ARE systematically under-represented.

La carte blanche des Ateliers Varan questions and attempts to respond to this issue in the heart of its practise through the screenings of films produced in different workshops and different countries and through individual encounters with the participants.

How CAN ONE SUCCEED IN ANY SITUATION OF A filming process TO CREATE A RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE PERSON WHO IS FILMING AND THE ONE TO BE FILMED and abolish BY THIS THE non-visible but real distance BETWEEN the filmmaker AND the exterior world, regardless of ALL economic means?

Les Ateliers Varan make use of this “poverty” as an essential asset in its pedagogy towards the real. Documentary film as ART BRUT.

**If you are a filmmaker with a documentary project that needs development, submit your project and 10 projects will be chosen to be developed during this intense 2-day masterclass

**Filmmakers with approved projects will have 1-on-1 meeting with Christine Seghezzi to discuss the development of their project

**Attendance is not limited to those with approved projects, the masterclass is available for everyone with no registration

**Attendance is free of charge and doors close at full capacity

**The masterclass is facilitated in English only

Submit your project here: The deadline for submission is November 3rd

Christine Seghezzi, member of Ateliers Varan Born in Liechtenstein. She studied theatre, cinema and German literature at Vienna University in Austria and Sorbonne-Nouvelle in Paris. Following her studies, she worked as a director and assistant director in French theatres and the Paris Opera, collaborating with the likes of Jorge Lavelli, Alain Françon, Lluis Pasqual and Roger Vontobel. In 2004, she undertook a directing documentaries workshop at the Ateliers Varan in Paris where she produced her first short film “Chair de ta chair”. She has since directed numerous documentaries and is currently working on her latest project entitled “Terre rêvée" in Spain.
Time: Mon. 11 November 10:18 AM