Directed by Thomas Vinterberg
Comedy, Drama | Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands | 2020 | Danish, Swedish | 110 MIN , +16

Show times

2 April 07:00 PM
3 April 10:00 PM
A Norwegian philosopher once argued that man is born with a blood alcohol level that is 0.5% too low. Taking that philosophy as their muse for an adventure, four friends, all high school teachers, decide to put the theory to the test. Since their mundane existence is an endless row of trivialities, they believe this project might be what they all need. If Churchill was said to win WW2 in a heavy daze of alcohol, imagine what they can do. At first, they grow braver, more musical, and their work at school becomes more interesting, until the unsettling consequences of their constant intoxication begin to surface.

Audience Award, Best Narrative Feature - London FF 2020
Audience Award, Best Narrative Feature - Ghenet IFF 2020
Feroz Zinemaldia Award, Directing - San Sebastián IFF 2020
Golden Seashell Award Nomination - San Sebastián IFF 2020

Mads Mikkelsen,Thomas Bo Larsen, Lars Ranthe