BAIT - ()

Directed by Mark Jenkin
Drama | Germany | 2019 | English | 88 MIN

Show times

6 November 10:00 PM
10 November 04:00 PM
The picture-postcard idyll of the Cornwall fishing village is misleading. While fishing used to be a way of supporting oneself, wealthy London tourists have now descended and are displacing the locals, whose livelihood is thus threatened. The relationship between brothers Steven and Martin is also strained. Martin is a fisherman without a boat, since Steven started using it for far more lucrative tours for all the day-trippers. They’ve sold the family cottage and now it seems that the final battle to be fought is that with the new owners over the parking space next to the sea. Yet the situation soon gets out of hand, and not just because of the wheel clamp.

New Directors/New Films (Forum) - Berlinale 2019
Grand Prix and Audience Award - New Horizons IFF 2019
Official Selection - Edinburgh IFF 2019

Edward Rowe, Simon Shepherd, Mary Woodvine,

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