Directed by Nermin Hamzagić
Fiction | Bosnia and Herzegovina | 2019 | Bosnian | 85 MIN

Show times

5 April 07:00 PM
7 April 07:00 PM
10 April 04:00 PM
It is a full moon and the wife of police inspector Hamza enters labour. But due to staff shortage, Hamza is forced to work the night shift. To make things worse, folk beliefs about the power of the full moon seem to be coming true. A whole range of characters will pass through the station which reflect the absurdity and tragedy of life in Sarajevo and the world with a thin line between criminals and cops. Also, a mysterious boy, Tarik, mischievously wanders the halls and causes different temptations for Hamza. At one point Hamza is forced to choose — neglect his duty or become part of the corrupt system?

Official Selection - Zagreb FF 2020
Winner of the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury - Sarajevo FF 2020

Alban Ukaj, Ermin Sijamija, Muhamed Hadzovic