Roma - ()

Directed by Federico Fellini
Drama / Comedy | Italy, France | 1972 | Italian, French, English, German, Latin, Spanish | 128 MIN

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14 November 04:00 PM
Travelogue, memoir, and outrageous cinematic spectacle converge in this kaleidoscopic valentine to the Eternal City, composed by one of its most iconic inhabitants. Leisurely one moment and breathless the next, this urban fantasia by Federico Fellini interweaves recollections of the director’s young adulthood with an impressionistic portrait of contemporary Rome. Roma penetrates the myth and mystique of Italy’s storied capital, a city Fellini called “the most wonderful movie set in the world.”

Official Selection (Competition) – Cannes IFF 1972
Official Selection - Academy Awards 1973

Denis Christopher , Pia De Doses


Arabic Subtitles