Carte Blanche

The Panorama’s latest tradition is back for a third edition: a selection of three European films chosen by three Egyptian filmmakers.
This year, Khairy Beshara, Mohammed Hammad and Hala Lotfy will present their “Carte Blanche”, a title which influenced them as filmmakers. From Germany to Czechoslovakia, from a new wave classic to a colourful and surrealistic atmosphere, their picks will make the spectator travel through different countries and cinematic styles.
For the first time, the Panorama will have the pleasure to host both, the choosing and the chosen filmmaker, to discuss the delirious Freak Orlando… Contrasting the director Ulrike Ottinger’s unique approach with the modern vision of Hala Lotfy.
Chosen by Khairy Beshara

At a village railway station in occupied Czechoslovakia, a bumbling dispatcher’s apprentice longs to liberate himself from his virginity. Oblivious to the war and the resistance that s...
Chosen by Mohammed Hammad

Mahmut, a photographer who is haunted by the feeling that the gap between his ideals and his real life is growing, finds himself obliged to put up Yusuf in his apartment, a young relative who has le...
Chosen by Hala Lotfy

In the form of a "small theater of the world", Freak Orlando tells a history of the world from its beginnings to our day, including the errors, the incompetence, the thirst for power, the fear, the madness, the cr...